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Wood & Composite Decking vs. PVC Deck Comparison - what you need to know

Decks have traditionally been made of wood. However, after extensive maintenance year after year only to end up with a decomposing unstable deck that has to be replaced merely to start the whole process over again, homeowners began to seek something better. In fact, PVC decking materials are expected to experience double-digit demand gains.

Homeowners wanted a better alternative to the annual sanding, scraping, and staining that comes along with a wood deck not to mention the heat and splinters that make wood decks unsafe. In the early 1990's composite decking which blended synthetic resin materials with organic fillers (wood flour, plastic bags, rice hulls, etc.) began to appear. While these products were intended to be a longer lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to wood, it was soon evident the many shortcomings that presented themselves in composite decking such as mold, crumbling, splitting, scratching, fading, and staining. What was worse, composite decking cannot be refinished or recycled leaving the homeowner left with rotting heavy material that will end up in a landfill over time.

Finally a solution for a long lasting deck which requires virtually no maintenance, will not support mold or absorb water, remains cooler underfoot, provides excellent traction wet or dry, and offers consistent strength and durability for a rugged and beautiful deck that will perform and last. Endeck is the answer that homeowners have been looking for.

  Benefits  Wood  Composite  Endeck PVC- Decking
  Looks natural, like real wood Y Y
  Flame resistant Y
  Does not support mold growth Y
  Will not sag or bend easily Y
  Does not splinter Y Y
  Lightweight, easy to use Y Y
  Will not rot or deteriorate  Y
  Non slip textured surface Y Y
  Requires no annual maintenance  Y Y
  Resists stains & fading Y
  Easily cleaned with a hose Y
  Recyclable Y
  Remains cooler in full sun Y
  Embossed on both sides  Y
  Does not absorb water Y
  Warranties in place Y Y
  No knots or sap pockets Y Y
  Not subject to termite damage Y

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